Friday, August 21, 2009


Yes We Can Even Arrange Bridging (Hard Money) Loans For Purchasing or Developing Gold Mines.

What can Bridging (Hard Money) Loans be used for? A lot more than most people think. Most members of the public have never heard of Bridging (Hard Money) Loans and even those that have wrongly think they can only be used to complete the purchase of a new property when the sale of their existing property has not completed yet. This would be where extending the completion date of the purchase of their new property is not possible.

A part from covering the gap in house purchases bridging loans can be used for many other reasons such as

• Purchasing Below Market Value Properties (BMV).
• Pay of death duties.
• Pay VAT and Inland Revenue liabilities.
• Raise capital for business acquisitions.
• Securing the fast purchase of residential and commercial property opportunities.
• Purchase of land with planning consent.
• Or even purchase or develop a Gold Mine.
• In fact money can be raised for any legal purpose.

Yes we can arrange funding for the purchase or development of gold mines almost anywhere in the world. As can be appreciated this is not easy and requires a lot of due diligence on behalf of the lender. The due diligence will confirm the value of the mine and the expected reserves; these will be confirmed by geological survey including the taking of samples of the mineral bearing strata. It is the reserves that give the mine it’s value. If the reserves are low or it is uneconomic to extract the gold then the mine’s value will be diminished.

Fortunately one of our panel of lenders will consider lending Bridging (Hard Money) Finance to assist with the purchase or development of Gold Mines. Our funder will lend on all types of commodity mines almost any where in the world. They will lend up to 70-75% of the forced sale value of the mine over a term of 1 year for Bridging Loans and 3 years for Development Loans.

As would be expected on technically complicated finance deals like these the due diligence costs are higher than for a loan secured on an actual residential or commercial property or development.

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